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Pinion Property Management, Inc. is a professional management company which provides first class service in all aspects of property management.  For over 20 years, we have managed properties in the Corvallis area and we take pride in maintaining satisfied owners and tenants.  The company is owned by Paul D. Pinion, a licensed property manager, who is a lifelong resident of Corvallis and in touch with the local rental market.

We maintain open and accurate financial transactions and reporting through the use of professional software products. These are designed for the property management industry and kept current with all state requirements and business needs by a major software vendor.

We employ and develop people who are dedicated to the overall success of the property owners and who operate according to our written business processes and practices.

We perform the critical match of tenants with the available properties with the intent of satisfying the tenants’ need for a positive living experience, and for ensuring the properties are visible in the market as a competitive value to minimize vacancy rates.

We maintain a quality team of contract maintenance service providers who protect the owners’ investments at competitive rates with timely response.

We manage the overall business in strict compliance with Fair Housing law, standard financial accounting practices and with other government regulations, protecting both the tenants and the owners.




We provide clients with a computerized monthly accounting statement specialized to fit their individual needs.  Copies of all invoices are included in the monthly accounting report.



We will maintain frequent and personal communication with the property owners.  Each property owner will deal with the representative who is responsible for the management of their property.



All units under our management will receive frequent visits to ensure the quality of the living environment.  For larger units requiring an on-site manager, periodic training sessions will be held to increase professionalism of managers.



Routine maintenance and repairs will be handled by our in-house staff.  Satisfied residents and maintained property value are results of prompt and efficient service.  Major repairs will be sub-contracted with owner approval.



Keeping up-to-date with the local market is important when trying to keep rents at optimum levels and vacancies at a minimum.  We are constantly researching market trends and comparable units to ensure maximum results.



Prospective tenants are thoroughly screened to maintain quality residents and to avoid eviction costs.  Tenants receive a complete orientation and education regarding responsibilities prior to move-in. 



Frequent inspection of your property, and our reliable attention to detail will assure that your property is secure.  We will routinely review each unit to assure that desired owner results are achieved.




Management fees vary for each property.  PPM will discuss such fees with ownership on an individual basis.  Single family homes have a minimum monthly fee of $50.00.  Gross revenues include, but are not limited to, rent, late fees, and laundry income.

Pinion Property Management, Inc. will serve as the tenant contact for all issues, concerns, etc.

Routine maintenance is arranged by PPM, Inc. unless otherwise specified in the management agreement.  All other repairs are sub-contracted.

All major repairs and/or maintenance will be communicated to the owner for approval before any work is done.  The only exception is in the case of emergencies – severe water leaks, fire, flood, habitability issues, etc.

All properties will receive routine drive-by inspections.  Interior inspections are scheduled and conducted on an “as-needed” basis.

Rents are collected in accordance with the Oregon Landlord and Tenant Laws.  If rent is not received by the date specified in the rental agreement, phone contact is attempted.  At PPM Inc.’s discretion, if the rent becomes (7) seven days past due, the tenant(s) receives a 72 hour notice to pay or vacate.  Tenants are made aware of these policies as part of the educational process prior to move-in.

Pinion Property Management, Inc.’s tenant selection process aids in screening out tenants who may not take care of property or pay rent in a timely manner.  In situations where problems arise, PPM, Inc. will handle them in a professional and timely manner.

Rental due dates are set up for the first of the month.  Your monthly accounting statement will be completed by the end of each month.  An annual statement is also sent shortly after the first of the year.

Pinion Property Management, Inc. can make mortgage payments, insurance payments and set aside money for property taxes, etc. as needed. 



Pinion Property Management, Inc. utilizes our website, our office window on Monroe Avenue, Craigslist, and our e-mail notification list to advertise vacant or upcoming vacant units.  If the owner requests advertising in any form of media that charges a fee, the owner will pay for those advertising costs as specified in the management agreement.  Wherever possible and/or needed, a “For Rent” sign will be posted on the property.  Pinion Property Management, Inc. always adheres to Homeowner Association rules regarding signage.


Rental applications are screened only by Pinion Property Management, Inc.  Credit screening is done by Oregon Landlord Support Organization.


Once an application is submitted, further screening includes, but may not be limited to: 

·         Checking current and past rental history

·         Verifying employment, job stability and salary

·         Public records, criminal history, and credit screening


Tenants receive a complete orientation and education regarding rights and responsibilities as a tenant, as well as signing a written rental agreement.  We make every effort to make sure our tenants understand their responsibilities regarding the existing condition of the unit, and we ensure smoke/carbon monoxide detectors are working prior to move-in.  The rental agreement includes, but is not limited to:

·         Full explanation of a legal written rental agreement

·         Complete accounting of all rent, fees and/or deposits

·         Explanation of the rent collection, late fees and NSF fees

·         Terms and Conditions of renting with Pinion Property Management, Inc.

·         Smoke Alarm/Carbon Monoxide Alarm addendum

·         Mold & Mildew addendum

·         Landscaping addendum

·         Lead Based Paint addendum, including a copy of “Protecting Your Family from Lead in Your Home” as required by the EPA

·         Garbage & Recycling addendum, if needed

·         No Smoking addendum.  All units with Pinion Property Management, Inc. are non-smoking.  The smoking of any substance is not allowed anywhere on the property.

·         Unauthorized Tenants & Living in the Garage addendum

·         Utility Services list showing all the utilities that are a tenant responsibility. 

·         Move-In Inspection Report (for tenant use at move-in)

·         Garbage Disposal Operating Instructions (if unit has a garbage disposal)

·         Fire Safety Checklist

·         Clarification of Allowable Tenant Wear & Tear


Pinion Property Management, Inc. will inspect every property at the time of move-out to assess any damages and to expedite the return of the security deposit.  PPM will evaluate what is needed to return the unit to rentable condition.  All refundable security deposits are held in a non-interest bearing Client Trust Account as required by law. 



We charge $27.00 per hour for all maintenance and repair work that is performed by employees of Pinion Property Management, Inc.  There is a minimum charge of $15.00 for all service calls.  Any job exceeding $150.00 will receive prior approval from the owner.  The only exception is in the case of emergencies – severe water leaks, fire, flood, habitability issues, etc.  All rates are subject to change.

Any job that cannot be handled by Pinion Property Management, Inc. will be sub-contracted with owner approval.  Large jobs are handled on a bid basis.  If there are any questions on a job, the owner will be contacted before the work is done.

Pinion Property Management, Inc. is affiliated with several local businesses that provide services needed in the rental business assuring quality service and rates for any work that is not performed in house.


Pinion Property Management, Inc. is a licensed contractor.  CCB #127705