Tenant Resources

We respond to tenants’ needs for routine repairs of property, move in/out processes and transparent financial transactions and records.

Rent Payments

Rent: Due the 1st, Late Midnight on 5th

Rent is always due on the 1st and late after the 5th at midnight. For your convenience, we have a drop box outside our office when the office is closed. If the 5th of the month falls on a weekend or holiday, rent is still due by midnight on the 5th day of the month. Rent can be mailed to our PO Box, please be sure to have it postmarked on or before the 5th of the month. The day you put your envelope in a mail drop slot may not necessarily be the day it is postmarked. If you are mailing after the 1st, we recommend taking it to the Post Office and having them hand stamp it in front of you.

Rent can be paid with a personal check, money order or cashiers check made out to PPM. In the memo/for section of the payment write your address. Rent may be paid separately, but is discouraged since this method usually accumulates late fees. Paying separately is a privilege that can be taken away.

Late Rent:

There will be a $50.00 late fee added for a late rent payment submitted to our office. The late fee must be paid as soon as possible. If one of your roommates has paid late, all tenants have paid late.

Maintenance Requests

All maintenance requests must be submitted in writing. Maintenance requests can be filled out in our office or submitted on our website under the Maintenance tab.

Adding or Removing a Roommate?

Adding or Removing a Roommate? Read THIS first!

Roommate Add

To add a roommate to the rental agreement, a Roommate Add Form must be completed and signed by all the current tenants. The new roommate will also need to submit a completed application to be approved by PPM.

Roommate Release:

To be removed from a rental agreement, a Roommate Release Form must be completed and signed by all the remaining tenants.

Both forms, roommate add/roommate release, can found in our office or on our website.

Moving Out?

30-Day Notice to Vacate:

A 30-Day Notice to Vacate must be provided in writing if all tenants plan to move-out. The 30-Day Notice form can be found in our office or on our website.

Move-Out Instructions/Information:

Move-Out Instructions/Cleaning Guidelines

Clarification of Allowable Tenant Wear and Tear

Tips for Getting your Security Deposit Back

Deposit Check Change Form: Use this form to have check payable to a single individual. 

Utility Information:

Utilities need to be set up prior to moving in. See the last page of your rental agreement for the utilities that are the tenants responsibility. A $25.00 non-compliance fee will be added to your account each month your designated utilities are not in your name. 


Gas: NW Natural Gas  (800)422-4012
Electricity: Pacific Power   (888)221-7070
Electricity: Consumers Power  (541)929-3124
Garbage: Republic Services  (541)754-0444
Water/Sewer: City of Corvallis   (541)766-6949



Electricity: City of Monmouth (503)838-0722


Internet/Cable/Satellite Dish: Tenants Choice

  1. Satellite Dish cannot be placed anywhere on or attached to the structure of the building and may not cause damage to the structure. The dish must be hidden as much as possible and not placed facing the street.

  2. All installations need to be professionally installed . No holes can be drilled through the roof.

Assistance/Companion Animals:

Each assistance/companion animal needs its own separate paperwork and it is not transferable to another animal. The assistance/companion animal cannot move into the unit until all the paperwork has been submitted and signed off by PPM.

All Assistance/Companion Animals require the following:

  1. Reasonable Accommodation Request Form

    • First page:

      • First half completed by the tenant

      • Second half completed by the health care provider. PPM will fax/email the form to the health care provider from our office. Do not give the form directly to the health care provider.

    • Second page:

      • Please provide the contact information for the health care provider.

  2. Signed Assistance/Companion Animal Agreement Form sign by everyone residing in the unit.

  3. Photo

Additional Documents needed for Dogs:

  1. Proof that the dog is up-to-date on required immunizations

  2. Proof that the dog is licensed with Benton County, Linn County or the City of Monmouth


An additional refundable deposit is required per pet. The additional refundable deposit varies per property and must be paid with a money order or cashiers check. Only a select few of our properties allow pets. Refer to page 2 on your rental agreement for the pet policy. 


  1. Photo

  2. Signed Pet Agreement

  3. Additional Refundable Deposit


  1. Photo

  2. Proof that the dog is up-to-date on required immunizations

  3. Proof that the dog is licensed with Benton County, Linn County or the City of Monmouth

  4. Signed Pet Agreement

  5. Additional Refundable Deposit

Pet Agreement Form